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A good website design begins with hierarchy. With a defined hierarchy, it becomes easier to prioritize info for the busy user. If a visitor has limited time to scroll through your site, aesthetically defining what’s important is the way to go so that the message can be conveyed at a glance. When contemplating about the general hierarchy, group each new page with structure.

· Showcasing is one of the most important things that you should do as it helps to have an unusual or strong visual with just a simple text block. To make this element stand out, try using a scaled and colored image or video. Have seo services? showcase them!

· Come up with a supporting detail by constructing an element that is more subtle and smaller than the main element. This can be an invitation to scroll or click, a secondary text or line, or navigation. Such elements often have simple designs that don’t compete with primary design features.

· Come with a call to action. This element may contain a button, special color, or a fun element.

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