Heat Map Case Study for Better Conversions

I recently was recently talking with a client who sells empty container handlers. This is a very specific industry that only moves a 1,000 or so units globally. So it is paramount to make the most out of what little traffic he was getting to his site. What I did was install a heatmap on his site. A heatmap tells us what his website visitors are doing. So check out the image below:

AS you can see in that picture, his loaded container handlers page was getting the most clicks as well as his contact us page. So what did I do? I edited his loaded container handler page to increase his conversions and call backs. Not only that, I updated and edited his contact page to also increase conversions. Had I not installed a heatmap, I wouldn’t have known to do this! Watch the video below to gain a better understanding of heatmaping to increase conversions:

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