A great lead generating HVAC Site

We’re pretty proud to have worked with design and conversion strategies for an hvac company, salt air inc. When they came to us, they had no easy call to action, no real way for people to easily schedule appointments, and they were not happy with their results. They were paying for advertisments but sending people to their home page! What a waste in spend! We made sure to make easy , clear calls to action by placing a phone number in the top right corner. We suggested adding in an appoint scheduler, and low and behold, conversions increased. I see this all the time, companies putting up websites not designed for conversions. You can have all of the traffic in the world, but if you don’t make it easy for them to contact you, they will just get frustrated, leave and head to a competitors site! Every website should have at least a few things to be set up for success:

1) Strong calls to action, making the phone number a “click to call” from mobile devices. You just use the code: tel:55555555 in the code and it turns it into a clickable link
2) Easy way to give lead information, i.e. name, address, phone number
3) Responsive, meaning mobile friendly!

If you can ensure those 3 things are at a minimum are implemented in your website design , then you are set up for success! Here is a great video for more learning:

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